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Our mission is to provide natural and organic pet supplies for sale. ALL net proceeds will be donated on a regular basis to approved non-profit animal rescue organizations. All products are homemade and handmade. We bring our love of animals to every product we offer for the next generation to celebrate the pets they love so much.


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Stormy is available through J & Co Dog Rescue

Hi, I'm Stormy! I’m approximately four years old and a female! My foster mom and dad adore me and they say I'll make the perfect companion for a lucky someone! I'm a "medium" effort dog who loves to constantly give kisses and wag my tail. I may not be the quickest, but I love chasing my fur brothers and sister around the yard at every opportunity. It took me a few weeks to learn how to play with them, but now we even wrestle in the house together. When I’m not chasing them outside or wrestling inside, I like to lounge around on the deck laying on my side or rolling on my back so I can show off my beautiful brindle coat as I sunbathe. I also like to snuggle for hours on the couch, always making sure that I’m making contact with my humans (they call me “velcro” for some reason). I know “sit” and “stay” and I’m working on “paw.” I like kids, and when my foster parents brought me to the beach this summer (which I loved) I met a lot of kids ranging from three to ten years old that pet me and gave me lots of love as I wagged my tail and smiled.

Some additional details about me:

• I’m not a fan of water - my foster parents have a doggy pool setup on the deck in the summer, but that doesn’t interest me and I’ll run at the thought of bath time.
• I still like to chew on things that I shouldn’t (corners of pillows, dog beds, door frame, etc) but I’m slowly learning that I shouldn’t do that.
• I love chewing on bones and other toys, however I still like to sometimes steal my siblings food or toys.
• I’m great once I’m in the crate, but it usually takes a treat or two as motivation to get me in there.
• My foster parents have never introduced me to a cat, so I’m not sure how I would do around one.
• I haven’t spent much time around other dogs except my fur siblings, and I like to grumble and bark at other dogs when I’m being walked so it’s likely there will be a “warmup” period when meeting new dogs.

Apply for Stormy at: https://www.petstablished.com/adoptio…/personal-information…

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